St. Luke's Church

St. Luke's Church
Rose Window

St. Luke's in Winter
St. Luke’s is an Episcopal Church in the Diocese of New Hampshire. We are a welcoming, enthusiastic, spiritual, Christ-centered parish, whose mission is: faithfulness in worship and study; love and support for one another; and reaching out to newcomers and into the community and the world with care and compassion.


Clergy: The Rev. Marthe Dyner, Rector
Warden: Ms. Barbara Stoodley
Vestry Members: Ms. Sandy Rumrill, Mr. Tom Schadler, Ms. Anne Tarmey
Eucharistic Minister: Ms. Janice MacDonald
President, St. Luke's Women's Guild: Ms. Betty Bascom
Organist: Ms. Martha Maki
Sunday School Leaders: Ms. Anne Williams; Ms. Anne Swanson